Which one is more effective to get a taxi the mobile app or the call center?

First of all it is important to note that 92% of users in France have had difficulties finding a parked taxi available to offer the service, mostly 97% will use the application to locate the nearest taxi available, This means, that in advance and regardless of the acceptance of parking, the potential users are many and most of them would consider downloading an App for this use.

However, in a study carried out it is confirmed that 35% of the users use the virtual guides and call the one who offers the service so that they can find a taxi, since they prefer the security of being online with the agent. that your taxi arrives at the meeting point.

With these data we wanted to demonstrate the decision process when thinking about the functionalities of the different App that provide this service, since most of the App indicate the position in which the taxi is located, to pay online but the option to guide the car has been ruled out since it has not been well received on many occasions.

The opportunities for users to download an App to acquire taxi services are different platforms that will be used to locate the car and pay the price through it or just use offers from shops; users who choose a call center to purchase this service have the option to pay when the taxi arrives and for many it is more pleasant to ask for a taxi to an agent than to an App, since it is easier to locate a taxi and never they disconnect from the telephone line until it arrives

Within this model of companies that offer their service in different ways, the following stand out:

For the creators of App that the user downloads the application is a commercial sale internally and can get the largest number of users possibly, also that a call center is fully functioning, allows greater acceptance number with the same

In many occasions, as mentioned at the beginning, finding a taxi in the big cities can turn into an impossible mission, however, applications such as hailo, mitaxi, taxy calls and a large number of Apps have managed to change completely

It is evident from smartphones and their countless applications have changed the user’s life at all levels, but there are some applications that are especially useful. This is the case of apps that allow us to order a taxi from our phone, whose utility and efficiency are great.

There are certain advantages that it gives us to order a taxi from the mobile phone like:

1. The GPS location of your mobile tells the taxi driver where to go, without needing to know the address.

2. You only need an Internet connection.

3. Avoid the saturation of the cabinets of taxi services on specific days.

4. You can book a taxi in advance.

5. You can know, at all times, where the taxi is waiting and how long it will take to get there.

6. You will know before taking the taxi the price of the trip.

7. You can know the assessment made by other users of a driver.

8. Many apps allow you to pay for the journey you make from your mobile phone.



What it offers: Allows you to request or book a taxi with up to four days in advance, setting a specific address or letting it detect your own cell phone with GPS. You can pay directly from the App. Allows you to see all the taxis that are around your position and choose the one you want to pick you up.

In recent weeks taxi drivers have organized to file a lawsuit against the App for their aggressive promotions.

• Hailo:

What it offers: The user only has to click on the screen to book a taxi. It is possible to know in advance the profile of the taxi drivers closest to your position and choose which one to travel with. Both taxi driver and traveler can value each other once the service is finished.

• PideTaxi:

What it offers: It has the backing of the main radio taxi companies in Spain, so it is easy to find a lot of taxis nearby. Regular users can set favorite pick-up or destination addresses, create company accounts and consult the service history. It works in almost all of Spain.

• By-Taxi:

What it offers: Available in several cities in France and Spain, the user can indicate the collection address or let the phone locate its position thanks to GPS. It is possible to choose the desired payment method (cash or card), but you cannot pay from the App, nor can you rate the service once it is finished. The negative point is that it does not allow canceling the service once booked.


What it offers: It allows you to request a taxi by selecting it to pick you up where you are – via GPS – or indicating a certain address. Once the user has made his reservation, he can indicate which means of payment he wants, since he does not allow payment from the same App. It does not indicate the position of the taxi that will pick you up, but does allow you to assess the service.

• Cabify

What it offers: The user can choose the type of vehicle in which he wishes to travel in six Spanish cities AND France, at the moment; he will obtain a closed price for the service. You can pay for the race with a credit card or PayPal and get a receipt of your payment at the moment. It is focused on a more exclusive and luxury service.

• Wannataxi

What it offers: Users can assess each taxi after using it, so you can select a well-valued car that has a specific car model, or book directly the one closest to where you are. To facilitate the usual use, it is able to store the history of the most common addresses.

• AdapTaxi

What it offers: The user can indicate through the app what specific needs he has: if he travels in a wheelchair, he needs a taxi equipped with child seats; he plans to move with animals or with a large volume of luggage.

The most recognized company in France that offers a call center throughout France is the company known as Tele taxi, since it is committed to people and their social integration; they provide services in the metropolitan area of ​​joint provision, 24 hours a day the 365 days of the year.

We travel to any destination whether national or international, all these vehicles are equipped with modern technologies thus avoiding unnecessary waiting, your basic tools a telephone communicator between the taxi driver and the agent, which will be responsible for guiding and finding the taxi driver to reach your destination, in many parts of the city you are working with this type of services since many users prefer to wait for agents to confirm a nearby taxi available, in the same way for many the use of technology can be complex so they are not updated to this day.

CrazyCall is a convenient and easy-to-use application that allows you to make and receive calls from clients, analyze and refine them in real time based on the user’s needs which allows giving the best attention considered by users, there are many positive views in this website since users are satisfied with the service it provides, Pamela tells us her experience in crazycall company that offers taxis throughout France where the only thing you have to do is register on the site and give you a thousand minutes to call and be able to acquire the service for the time you visit Paris or Marseille or any city in Paris.

Otherexperiencessuch as:

Joana Leite – Styletraces.com”When I landed in Paris, I already had a message on my phone to tell me that my driver had arrived, and when I passed through the arrival doors, the driver was already there, ready to pick me up and take me to my destination!”

And Sue Kim – Voyage Card “I travel often in Europe and I need transfers from airports, so I find the service offered by Black-lane as convenient, since I was able to book a specific time in advance to be picked up, a complete and comfortable service that I highly recommend.”

For those who offer this service they must be specialists and explain the vision. Together they make the dreams of many a reality; you do not need to change platforms because they integrate them in different applications (CRM, PABX and VOIP among others). Everything we offer in an interface. All channels, interactions and insights without having to use complex systems.

In cities like downtown Nice it is small enough to be able to move on foot. Buses and trams are the main mode of public transport and reach most of the city until midnight. Taxis are not a popular mode of transport, as they are known to overcharge tourists and are difficult to stop on the street. The local train station takes travelers to other cities along the Riviera such as Antibes, Cannes, Monaco and others.

The most visited cities are France, Marseille, Orleans to enjoy tourist places that these offer, in terms of user profiles try to attract attention by offering low prices and better comfort, The comfort offered by a mobile application is changing the way to find a taxi. MyTaxi is one of the main options in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​France cities where it operates. Its journey began in 2009, in Germany, and from there the company has been expanding its horizons. In addition to Android and iOS, the software is also available for BlackBerry.

The proliferation of services associated with the so-called smartphones has achieved that habits as simple as calling to ask for a taxi suffer an important change, in this case for the better. There are several applications designed to request a taxi, in this case and for the first time I decided to try the MyTaxi service, available for iOS (Apple) and Android systems. The procedure, as simple as opening an application and requesting a taxi at the point where you are, which is determined automatically thanks to the GPS of the mobile device and geo-location services.

Previously I had proceeded to register, which is free as the application itself, and had offered my credit card details that are only required if we want to proceed with payment by mobile phone and discounts offered by the MyTaxi application itself, of which We have already spoken in Tecmovia. MyTaxi is an application available in Spain but only in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as 30 other European capitals.

For greater transparency the test is carried out anonymously and, of course, paying the costs of the race itself. Until the end of the service we would not identify ourselves as a means of communication. In short, there was no preferential treatment (at least conscious) on the part of the taxi driver who adulterated the experience.

Not counting the promotional discount, we probably would have saved some money and time (really very little). Maybe MyTaxi and other similar applications are not of the interest of very casual customers, but it seems to me that from now on a server – which does take taxis often – will start to take advantage of applications as comfortable and practical as this one. A simple search in the Appstore already reveals more than five results of similar applications although this was the most and best valued of them all by far.

Upon arriving at our destination we can award a rating of one to five stars to the service received in this race and to our taxi driver. We can also add the taxi driver in favorites and meet him again if one day we require a taxi and we are close to him. Our taxi driver has already earned the five stars.

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